Who are we?

We are a research group interested in Legaltech, founded by students and university professors in 2016. We are institutionally linked to the Faculty of Law of the University of Brasília (UnB).

What is UnB?

UnB is a public university and is among the top ten Brazilian universities. It is located in Brasilia and offers free upper education to tens of thousands of students.

What are our values?

Brazil is a socially unequal place. According to the values of the public university, we are committed to improving the training of our young people, contributing, within our means, to make them more productive.
We hope that students can be prepared for a world of global competition, where technology is a transformative force, including the area of law.

What events has the group already held?

The group holds a series of pocket seminars. In addition, it organizes larger events for hundreds of people, like those recorded on video in this blog.
Although the events make the group more known, we also developed several activities restricted to the university community. Among them are teaching and research activities at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Why do we keep this section of the site in English?

We receive several visitors from different cultures, especially in the events we carry out. We believe that this little FAQ helps to promote our ideas and encourages speakers - highly qualified and with diverse backgrounds - to visit us and share their knowledge.

Why do we ask for a letter of acceptance from our speakers?

As we work with public funding, we have to comply with the rules set by the government. Often this involves more bureaucratic steps than we would like, such as signing commitment letters when an academic trip is paid out of public money.

Who supports the group institutionally?

The group has several supporters, the main ones being its own members. In addition to the occasional sponsorships, granted to each event, we have partnerships without which the group would not be possible.
Among permanent or frequent governmental support, we underline the support from the Faculty of Law, the University of Brasília itself, CNPq, CAPES, as well as the local institution FAP and the courts located in the Federal District.

How to make contact?

Please send an email to henriquearcos@unb.br.